A week as a blogger


Blogging has changed my way of thinking. My teachers used to say, writing makes character. As it is pen and paper form art is dying, thanks to the people who thought of things like the internet, blog, FB and its likes, sharing feature, whatsapp etc that still want us to be connected.
While blogging/sharing on FB I have come to know many people across the globe. We might be from different age groups, backgrounds but the masalas, grains and meal shared with love keeps us together.
I am at ease to express myself in writing, I was so happy to discover that blogging came naturally to me.
As a housewife one tends to feel what change have I brought to the world, I count my blog posts to be a blessing and hopefully someone gets the benefit. It is like an identity and I am proud of it.
My children have got my passion of cooking and writing. I am simply enjoying it like a free bird.
Top 5 learning from a week into blogging can be:
1. Patience- We can’t get people to like us in a day, right. Blog’s are like people too, they take their time to build readership.
2. I can copy the link of the post from the phone itself and share.
3. I must start learning how to take better pictures now.
4. What might be simple for me might be difficult for another. I have learnt how to take care of the tsp and tbsp measures.
5. A new day and new posts, children and I interact a lot more throughout the day thanks to the non stop chit chat about what to post.

Thank you dear reader for motivating me to write my views and my dreams.





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