Veg fried rice


Chinese food is a passion for me to eat. I can have Chinese food at any hour of the day. As I have a delicious hobby of cooking & trying new recipes I love to cook and of course serve good food to my family & friends. I remember when I was in my teens my brother had taken me to a Chinese restaurant in Kanpur to have Chinese food, from then I am the biggest fan of Chinese food.
So I am sharing my recipe of Vegetable Fried Rice.


Preparation time – 30 minutes
Serves – 3
2 cups boiled rice
1chopped carrots
2 chopped onions
1big green chopped capsicum
4 spring onions chopped
2green chillies chopped
1tsp red chilli sauce
1tsp green chilli sauce
1/4tsp soya sauce
1/4 tsp white vinegar
Salt to taste
4 buds of garlic crushed
2 tbsp oil
* Take oil in a deep pan , add crushed garlic fry a little then add chopped onions, saute little.
* Now add the chopped vegetables alongwith all sauces ,salt & chopped spring onions. Toss well and your Veg fried rice is ready to serve.
Enjoy with your family & friends as I do.
Happy Chinese Eating




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