Paneer – Gulabjamun

Gulabjamun is one of the most favourite dessert of all. Mostly in every occasion there has to be Gulabjamun as dessert . We enjoy them in festivals like Diwali ,Holi,Rakshabandhan,and many more. Toady I shall share the recipe of Paneer gulabjamun.


Here the recipe alongwith recipe follows
Preparation time– 30 minutes | Serves – – 5

  • Paneer / Cottage cheese 250 gms
  • All purpose flour 50 gms
  • Green cardmoms 4-5 crushed
  • Ghee for frying. 3tbsps

For sugar syrup

  • 1cup sugar
  • 2cups water
  • 3-4 strands saffron


  1. Make sugar syrup of the above mentioned ingredients.Boil water & sugar well , thickens put off the gas and allow it to cool. Add saffron  to it.
  2. mash the paneer & all purpose flour well with your palms ,mix well till it softens. Mix crushed green cardmom to it.
  3. Now make small balls out of this mixture, and fry till golden brown in ghee.
  4. Put these fried balls in the prepared sugar syrup .
  5. Decorate them with julien almonds., this is optional.

Enjoy this dessert with your family as I do



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