Barbeque Nation- Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad

As everyone likes to go out for dinner with the family, even I wanted to go out.My daughter decided to take us to Barbeque Nation at Prahlad Nagar Ahmedabad.
She wanted to give a small treat to us, so we went there.
As we entered the restaurant, it was very neat & clean with a good ambiance , all the waiters, stewards were well dressed and well informed. The rating for this I would give 4out of 5.
Now comes the food,we had SpiceGirl named mocktail which was a blend of litchi, pineapple, ginger& lemonade, which was thoroughly enjoyed by us. We as non vegetarians enjoyed the food that included tandoori, chicken, prawns, fish, mutton seekh, these were the starters served very well & efficiently. The rating can be better once the restaurant adds some new menu items. This should be rated 3.5 out of 5.


Now comes the main course that included Chicken dum biryani which was awesome. We had laal Maas with butter naan, rest we only had a look . Frankly we could not eat more. There were dum aloo, jaipuri dal with steamed rice, bhindi masala, paneer do pyaza, cucumber raita, these all were delicacies for vegetarians. The rating of food & the quality I would rate it 3.5 out of 5.

In desserts we relished gulabjamun, phirni,pineapple pastry, apricot souffle, badam kulfi, & last but not the least paan kulfi, which was something new. I liked it very much.
On the whole I would say I really enjoyed very much. I spent a lovely evening with my family ,a good remembrance for lifetime.





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