Kalakand is a dessert made from milk & is full of nutritive values. A lovely & fascinating dessert. This is my elder daughter Pallavi Purani ‘ s recipe .She has shared her recipe with me. There is a saying that as we grow old our roles are diversified. In my case also it has been the same . She has become my mother who guides me in everything including my blogging..So here we go with the recipe
Kalakand #Sweets
2 L Full cream Milk.
3 tbsps lemon juice.
60 gms sugar.
1.5 tsps cardamom powder.
20-25 soaked raisins- chopped.
Chopped nuts
muslin cloth
Ghee greased tray/plate
Boil 1L milk in two bowls.[1L in each bowl].
With one we shall make paneer and with the other we need to reduce it to half.
The milk to be reduced in half should be on a medium slow heat.
To the milk for paneer, add a tsp at a time of lemon juice. We want to be cautious about adding the lemon because we do not want the paneer to be sour.
Once the milk solids separate, collect the paneer in muslin cloth and let it sit there for 20 min.
Once the milk to be halved has reached the desired level, add the sugar, raisins and cardamom powder.
Once the sugar is dissolved, add the paneer, little at a time and stir continuously.
Now after this point, you cannot really leave the mixture and loiter.
Watch it well and keep stirring it so that the mix does not stick to the bottom and burn.
So that we want to do here is remove the moisture as much as possible, we want to left with milk solids with a beautiful colour.
Once the liquid is evaporated, pour the contents on the greased plate and shape as desired.
Put the nuts on top and cover with a lid and put some weight on it. Any liquid that didn’t escape earlier shall find it’s way out.
Cut and serve.
After adding the raisins, the colour of the kalakand shall change a bit. It will look very pale brown. Don’t get alarmed, this is the desired result. Your milk vessels must me very clean with no trace of soap. You may add some saffron to get the yellow tinge.




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