Dal Dalia


Dal Dalia  means yellow  lentil moong dal cooked with  dalia or broken wheat with spices, tomatoes & onions.
It is a very easy recipe ,  here we go
Method  & Ingredients
All we need is 1cup yellow  moong dal,  1cup broken  wheat or dalia.
Take oil in a pressure  cooker  put some oil add 1/4 tsp jira, a pinch of Heeng & 2 chopped  onions.  Saute well then add 2 chopped  tomatoes  fry well add 1/2 tsp red chilli  powder,  1/4 turmeric  powder,  salt to taste. 
Put 2cups water give the cooker  3 whistles. put off the flame &  serve hot with aam achaar or mango pickle.






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