Cheese Corn Chilli Toast


Another version of toast I share with you today. It is a mixture of corn, cheese,salt& chilli flakes.
It is a yummy dish for all cheese lovers.
As we all use bread in our breakfast,it is good if we give twist in preparing toast & different dishes made from bread.
So here goes the cheesy recipe
Preparation time- 30 minutes
Serves 3
Ingredients & Method
Take butter in pan add 2chopped onions,saute a bit add 1/2 cup milk stir righteously without letting lumps to form.
Add 100gms boiled corn with salt to taste & Chilli flakes. Keep aside .
Grate mozrella cheese also
Now take bread slice cut into half ,spread the mixture & sprinkle cheese on top ,now bake it for 20minutes@150 degrees oven. Do preheat the oven .
Enjoy toast with ketchup


Enjoy cheesy toast




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