Bedmi Puri With Dubki wale Aloo

Bedmi puri is a delicacy from U.P. As i belong to Kanpur i love to make it,this goes well with aloo subzi 8that has a lot of gravy that’why it is called as Dubki wale aloo. Do try this recipe your whole family shall enjoy this delicacy.

First look at the pictures of the procedure.

So now i share the method &Ingredients

Method & Ingredients

For the filling 

1 cup soaked urad dal (white dal )

1  tsp saunf

Salt to taste

1 tsp red chilli powder

1 / 2tsp asafoetida 2 tbsp oil 

Take oil in pan ,put saunf,asafoetida, then put the soaked coarsely crushed dal ,salt,red chilli powder & mix them well  fry a little till the spices are mixed well with the dal. Allow it to cool. Your filling is ready.

Now knead 2 cups of whole wheat flour. Fill this filling & prepare puria  deep fry them .Your Bedmi puris are ready.

For Dubki wale Aloo 

Take oil in pan ,add jira and 3 tomatoes puree fry them well,put red chilli powder, turmeric pwder,salt to taste. Fry them well then add 4 boiled & crushed potatoes. Add 4 cups water ,bring it to good boil & then serve hot with puris.





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