Chocolate Tarts

Chocolate Tarts i know is everybody’s favourite. These tarts look so tempting that you want to gulp them all at one time.Though this is my sister Riddhi Kapoor’s recipe. Thanks a lot for sharing this recipe with me.

I thoroughly enjoyed relishing these tarts . I hope you all will  also like it.They are very eady to make ,just have a look at the method & ingredients

Method & Ingredients

180g maida

120g butter

80g powdered sugar 

Beat butter and sugar with hand beater.

Rub in maida to form a dough.. Keep in fridge for 1/2hr

Bring the dough together and make small balls

Spread with two thumbs  in tart shell .( like you fill kachori)

Bake at 180• for 15 mins till golden brown

 Cool and fill with melted chocolate..

Decorate with pista and grated White choc






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