Keema Matar

Keema is a form of Mutton which is finely chopped. Today Iam sharing the recipe of Keema Matar.Just look at the pictures below of ingredients 

Here are the ingredients & Method 

Take 2 tbsp oil in a handi. Add 3 chopped onions & 3 green chillies slited. Saute them well.Now add 2tsp each red chilli powder,dhania powder,1tsp turmeric powder,salt to taste .mix well and add 1kg Keema along with green peas bhuno the Keema wellwith the spices.. Add little water & cook till tender. When done add 1tsp garam Masala powder &mix well. Serve hot with pao. Enjoy

The ingredients are as follows 

10cloves, 15 peppercorn,5big elaichi,8 small elaichi,1 tsp methi Dana,1tsp sahi jira,1 tsp jira,2tsp saunf,1 tsp khus khus, 2 inches 2cinnamon sticks,3 bay leaves ,

300g onions ,200g matar,2oo g curd, 800 g Mutton Keema,

 200 gms oil

50gms ginger garlic paste

1.5 tbsp red chilli powder,2tbsp dhania powder,1/2 tsp turmeric powder ,salt to taste,1 pinch each, javitri& jaiphal


Masala Egg Curry 

Masala Egg Curry is a delicacy , of course made from Egg. Everyone in my family loves this curry. Just look at the recipe & ingredients 

You can enjoy this curry with Matar Pulao also. You will just love it.


Hard-boil 4eggs& cut in halves. Now take 3 tbsp oil in pan. Add 4chopped onions, fry well. Then add spices red chilli powder,turmeric powder,dhania powder,salt to taste. Saute well now add 3 chopped tomatoes. Fry well then add 2 cups water , bring it to good boil,sprinkle2tsp garam Masala powder . Serve hot with Matar Pulao.

Your Masala Egg Curry is ready


Have fun



Masala Papad

Today I share a very easy recipe.Masala Papad. My daughter loves this very much whenever we go out for dinner, she orders this as starter.

There fore I thought of making it myself. 

It is very easy,just roast 2papads & roll them. Now chop 2onions,2tomato,&1 cucumber. Add lime juice,red chilli powder,salt to taste . Now put them into the rolled Papad. Serve fast & eat also fast or else it shall turn soggy.

Enjoy as my family does.

Just incredible 

Have fun



Egg Biryani 

Biryani  is a dish made from rice,  in different ways.  Veg biryani,  chicken  biryani,  mutton  biryani &  now the recipe  I am sharing  is of Egg Biryani. This biryani  is light & loved by all.  Have a look at the recipe 

Let’s see now

Method  & Ingredients 

3 hardboiled  eggs cut in halves

1cup basmati boiled rice

1 tsp shahi jira

1tsp jira

2 chopped  onions 

2tsp ginger garlic  paste 

1tsp red chilli powder 

1tsp dhania powder 

Salt to taste 

1tsp garam masala  powder

2tbsp oil

Take oil in pan, add chopped onions,  fry a little  bit then add ginger garlic paste & all spices.  Then add the boiled rice alongwith the eggs.  Fry a little  & serve hot





Rakhi thali

Rakshabandhan or Rakhi as we know is a loving festival of brother & sister. It is loving bond between a brother & sister.

Even I  prepared the dishes my brother likes.

Aloo matar

Chana dal



Chana dal

Aloo matar



Here are the recipes

Chana Dal

Take 1 cup of chana dal ,soak for 2 hrs & boil it in cooker with 2 cups of water &2 chopped tomatoes,1 tsp turmeric powder,salt to tastecook  till tender.When done mash it a little. Now take 2 tsp oil in a pan ,add jira & heeng withred chilli powder. Now add the dal to this tempering & bring it to boil. Yor dal is ready.

Aloo Matar

Dice 3 medium sized potatoes. Now take 3 tsps oil in cooker ,add jira & 3 chopped tomatoes, fry well add the potatoes,1 cup frozen peas with the spices.1 tsp each redchilli powder, turmeric powder,dhania powder, salt to taste. Now add 1 cup water & take 4 whistles of cooker. Close the gas ,Your Aloo matar is ready.

Seviyan Kheer

Take 1/2 cup seviyan. Take 1 tsp ghee in a pan ,put the seviyan cooktill brown ,now add 2 ltrs milk . Cook well then add 4 tbsp sugar,bring it to good boil. Now garnish with diced almonds & cashewnuts. Your kheer is ready.


Knead 2 cups of whole wheat flour  a bit tight. Now make small balls & roll out puris & deep fry and make puris.

Your whole platter is ready.

Happy Rakshabandhan




Snacks..Braids , Moong Dal Samosas&Gujiyas


These are the lovely snacjs i oreoared for my daughter Priya . She loves these  snacks. Therefore i like to prepare them

For the dough for all is the same.For braids & Samosas we add salt,but fir the dough for gujiyas we dont add salt

For braids & samosas

2 cups maida/all purpose flour

3 tbsp oil for moin

Knead them into a soft dough

For braids mathri

Roll out the dough prepare small braids & deep fry them in medium flame.

Moong Dal Samosas

Dough same as braids

 For filling of moong dal samosas

Get moong dal namkeen from market, grind it dry and add little salt ,red chilli powder, heeng . 

Prepare samosa with this filling and deep fry them.


Dough same as braids but dont add salt.

For gujia filling

Take maawa , saute it well add powder sugar. Badam, nariyal bhura,kismis

Now roll out small puris and fill in the filling , prepare  gujia and deep fry in medium flame.

Your 3 snacks are ready


Moong dal Samosas






Today i have orepared simple Upma made of suji / semolina. In other words. upma is namkeen halwa.

But here i have decorated the upma with aloo lachcha & mixed namkeen. It is an outstanding combination. Do give it a try.

If you see you can find out the Upma in between.

Recipe fir the upma

Take 1 cup of roasted suji. Take oil in oan add the mustard seeds ,1 tsp urad dal &3-4 curry leaves.Let it splutter add 2 chopped onions ,saute well put 1 chopped tomatoes fry them & then add 1/2 cup boiled peas ,salt to taste&roasted suji.mix well .

Add 3 cups of water & let it thicken .Your upma is ready .

Serve with aloo lachcha & mix namkeen 

Masst enjoy


Love it