Snacks..Braids , Moong Dal Samosas&Gujiyas


These are the lovely snacjs i oreoared for my daughter Priya . She loves these  snacks. Therefore i like to prepare them

For the dough for all is the same.For braids & Samosas we add salt,but fir the dough for gujiyas we dont add salt

For braids & samosas

2 cups maida/all purpose flour

3 tbsp oil for moin

Knead them into a soft dough

For braids mathri

Roll out the dough prepare small braids & deep fry them in medium flame.

Moong Dal Samosas

Dough same as braids

 For filling of moong dal samosas

Get moong dal namkeen from market, grind it dry and add little salt ,red chilli powder, heeng . 

Prepare samosa with this filling and deep fry them.


Dough same as braids but dont add salt.

For gujia filling

Take maawa , saute it well add powder sugar. Badam, nariyal bhura,kismis

Now roll out small puris and fill in the filling , prepare  gujia and deep fry in medium flame.

Your 3 snacks are ready


Moong dal Samosas






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