Egg Biryani 

Biryani  is a dish made from rice,  in different ways.  Veg biryani,  chicken  biryani,  mutton  biryani &  now the recipe  I am sharing  is of Egg Biryani. This biryani  is light & loved by all.  Have a look at the recipe 

Let’s see now

Method  & Ingredients 

3 hardboiled  eggs cut in halves

1cup basmati boiled rice

1 tsp shahi jira

1tsp jira

2 chopped  onions 

2tsp ginger garlic  paste 

1tsp red chilli powder 

1tsp dhania powder 

Salt to taste 

1tsp garam masala  powder

2tbsp oil

Take oil in pan, add chopped onions,  fry a little  bit then add ginger garlic paste & all spices.  Then add the boiled rice alongwith the eggs.  Fry a little  & serve hot






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