Aloo Poha 

Today I share a very easy & simple recipe of Aloo poha. Poha / Flaked rice is made in various ways. Each dish has to be complimented.My dish today Aloo Poha is also the same.

Here is my recipe 

Soak 1cup poha in water for 5 minutes. Now take oil in pan add mustard seeds, let them splutter ,add 2chopped onions ,saute them well add chopped tomatoes & chopped potatoes. Let the potatoes be tender add 1 tsp red chilli powder,1/2 tsp turmeric powder, salt to taste. Mix well & in the end.add 1 lime juice. Mix well & serve hot. Decorate it 1fried green chilli





Milk Seviyan 

You will just fall in love with the dish I am sharing today. It is Seviyan or Vermicelli cooed in milk.You can either have them hot or cold  as you wish.

Here goes the recipe 

Take 2 lts of milk. Boil it well till it thickens , put 4-5 crushed green cardmoms in it . Take 1 tsp ghee in a pan & put the seviyan in it , cook till it turns light brown,add these seviyan to the milk & boil it again, now add 1 cup sugar ,boil it again. Now garnish with chopped cashews, little kismis & chopped almonds. 

You can serve hot or cold as you wish

Enjoy & have fun



Atta Bhature & Cholle 

Usually Bhature are made of Maida or whole purpose flour, but I chose to make atta Bhature to be enjoyed with Cholle 

So here is the recipe for Cholle 

Preparation time 30 minutes | Serves – 4

Cholley/ Chickpeas 250 GM’s

1/4 tsp turmeric powder

1/4 tsp tea leaves

1/2 tsp amchoor powder / dry mango

1/2 tsp red chilli powder

3fresh tomatoes puree

Salt to taste

2tbsp oil

2 tsp ginger garlic paste

Soak cholley overnight. Now put them in pressure cooker add 4 cups water, tea leaves,turmeric powder & salt and take 6 whistles ,put off the flame  & mash them a little with masher.

Now take oil in pan. Add tomato puree ,red chilli powder, amchoor powder stir well and add the hslf mashed  cholley. Bring them to a good boil your Cholley are ready to be served  either with puris or bhaturas.

For atta Bhature 

Take 2cups of atta or whole wheat flour, add 3 tbsp curd ,salt to taste 2tsp baking powder,knead  into a soft dough for 5-6 hours. Now you can roll out Bhature & deep fry them.

Enjoy with pickle & onion salad 



Saunf mirchi

Today’s recipe is very easy & spicy too. I have prepared green chillies with saunf or fennel seeds. This is a side dish to be served with Dal Chawal, Puri Cholle or you can relish it like that also. Have fun in making it & it is really very delicious.

Here is the recipe 

Chop 6-7 green chillies in big pieces. Now take 1 tsp oil in pan add 1 tsp saunf or fennel seeds. Then add 2 tsp amchoor powder, salt to taste. Cook till chillies are tender. 

Enjoy & have fun 



Rava Samosas 

Rava Samosas are as simple as any other type of Samosas we prepare, only the measurements in the dough changes & the outer covering becomes very crisp. Do give a try to this recipe ,you will love it.

Here goes the recipe 

For filling 

Take 4medium sized boiled potatoes mashed. Now take oil in pan add jira, put the mashed potatoes, red chilli powder,salt to taste & mix well. Fry a little . Keep aside, allow to cool.

For the dough

Take 1cup Maida

1cup whole wheat flour 

1cup suji or rava.

Now mix them all add little salt,3 tsp oil 2 tsp ajwain seeds. Knead a soft dough.Rollout small Puri, cut in halves, then prepare a cone shape, fill the filling,shape in Samosas & deep fry them in medium flame.

Your Rava Samosas are ready.

Serve hot with tomato sauce 




Taroi with Besan pàkodi 

Taroi or ridge gourd as we know that it is a very light vegetable, but when something is mixed with it ,the ridge gourd or taroi becomes very delicious. Today I have cooked it with Besan pàkodi, you can try this recipe as it is very easy & delicious.

Here goes the recipe 

Take 1cup besan or gramflour. Add salt, red chilli powder,a pinch of baking powder. Prepare a thick batter and deep fry small balls or pàkodi, keep them aside.

Now chop 1 kg ridge gourd. Take oil in pan add jira ,heeng&3 chopped tomatoes. Saute a little add chopped ridge gourd and cook well. Add 2tsp whisked curd.When done add pàkodi & serve hot with Chapatis.




Baked Handwo 

Handwo is a Gujarati delicacy.It is Cooked with lentils & spices. It is enjoyed by the whole family.

Here goes the recipe

 1 cup rice

3/4 cup tuver dal 

1/4 cup chana dal

1/4 cup urad dal

1/2 cup wheat daliya 

Roast these separately in a pan. Let them cool. Grind them to a coarse powder and mix.

To this mix, add 1/2 cup curd, 1/2 tbsp ginger green chilly paste. Alf leave it to ferment for 6-8 hours.

To this add 1 grated carrot, 1 grated lauki, boiled peas and 1/2 cup chopped methi leaves and salt.

Heat 2 tbsp oil add 1 tbsp sesame seeds and add the hot oil to the mix.

Heat oven to 180C. Pour the mix in a lined baking tin and bake for 40 min with a foil on the tin and for the next 15-20 min remove the foil and bake to crispen for the top.

Serve with tea