Keema Paratha 

There are many kinds of parathas one relishes, but for non vegetarians Keema paratha is the best. It is really ultimate. You can enjoy it with curd, butter or whatever you feel like.The main part of the paratha is the filling we prepare.

Here are the ingredients & Method 

Take 2 tbsp oil in a handi. Add 3 chopped onions & 3 green chillies slited. Saute them well.Now add 2tsp each red chilli powder,dhania powder,1tsp turmeric powder,salt to taste .mix well and add 1kg Keema along with green peas bhuno the Keema wellwith the spices.. Add little water & cook till tender. When done add 1tsp garam Masala powder &mix well.This is your filling for the paratha. Now knead 2cups of whole wheat flour. Make small balls out of it , fill the filling & prepare parathas Serve hot





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