Tikki Cholle 

Tikki Cholle is famous in Delhi. Aloo Tikki with boiled chickpeas or Cholle as we call them, alongwith green chutney &imli chutney mixed well makes a relishing chat. 

Here is the recipe

Boil 1cup of chickpeas with salt &half tsp turmeric powder. Let it cool down when done.

Now boil 4-5 potatoes & mash them well. Grate the 3 carrots& boil them, add half cup boiled mashed  peas ,salt to taste &shape then in tikkis , Shallow fry them in ghee.Now prepare green chutney with Coriander leaves grinded well with green chillies, salt to taste & lime juice.Your green chutney is ready 

Now prepare imli chutney by cooking 1cup imli pulp with 2tbsp jaggery with added salt to taste,red Chilli powder. Boil  them together till it turns thick. Your imli chutney is ready

Now put Tikki in a plate, serve Cholle with both chutneys& onion rings.





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