Besan stuffed mirchi 

Today my recipe includes Mirchi stuffed with Besan / gramflour.These chillies are not that hot & are a bit big in size, you can either stuff roasted gramflour or you can stuff boiled potatoes with all the spices.I have stuffed these chillies with roasted Besan.Just have a look at the recipe 

Ingredients & Method 

5-6 big sized green chillies 

1cup besan / gramflour 

1tsp each Red chilli powder, amchur powder 

Salt to taste 

2tsp oil

First toast the besan with the spices. Roast till golden brown . Slit the green chillies lengthwise. Now sprinkle some water in the roasted besan & fill in the filling in the chillies. Now take 2 tsp oil & place the stuffed chillies in the pan. Cook in low flame till chillies get tender.

You can enjoy these chillies with the paratha.





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