Peas Peanut Paratha 

Just have a look today my recipe has P’s in it . It  is Peas Peanut Paratha, this is a delicacy to be enjoyed by everyone. We simply make peas paratha but to give a twist I added crushed peanuts to it, alongwith the spices ,it’s really very delicious.

Just see this

The ingredients & method as follows 

2cups kneaded atta

For the filling 

1cup green peas

Half cup peanuts crushed 

Take 2 tsp oil in a pan. Add 1tsp jira green peas, peanuts,&spices 1tsp each, Red chilli powder,turneric powder,amchur,powder,. Cook till peas are tender. Mash them a little with a masher. Add a pinch of garam Masala.

Now make small balls from the kneaded atta, fill the filling ,roll out parathas & Shallow fry them.

Serve hot with Butter & curd.

Have fun





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