Bathue ki kadhi with Makke ki roti

This is a Kashmiri dish , as my in laws migrated from Poonch ,in Jammu and Kashmir ,so this dish I am sharing is a delicacy from Kashmir.

Bathue ki kadhi 

First wash the bathue ka saag & cut it. Now take 3cups of buttermilk & dissolve 3tsps of maakki ka atta / maize flour. Put this buttermilk in handi adding the chopped bathua to it. Put 1tsp turmeric powder, salt to taste & cook it on slow flame. Keep on stirring so that lumps are not formed. Now for the tempering take 2tsps ghee in a pan, put 1tsp Jura & heeng, red chilli powder, add this tempering to the kadhi. Boil it well till the bathua is cooked . Serve hot with Makke ki roti.

Preparation of Makke ki roti

Tke 2cups of maize flour or makki ka atta. Add red chilli powder,salt to taste,mix well &kneaded into soft dough. Many people con make these chapati by spreading it in their palms.

But I make the by using plastic bag. Cut the plastic bag, make it into a big one. Place the ball of maize flour inside the bag& spread it with your palm. Then put it on the pre heated tawa & shallow fry on both the sides till golden brown. Serve hot with bathue ki kadhi.

Enjoy  this combo garam garam




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