Panchphodan Kaddu

Kaddu or Pumpkin  I know is not liked by all. So I tried to mke it with a twist. I have used a mixture of spices called as Panchphodan.

This means it contains 5 spices

Panchphodan spices are

2tsps each spices as follows 






When we mix these all it becomes panchphodan.

Cut the half kg pumpkin into medium sized pieces.Donot peel the pumpkin. Take 2tsps oil in pan ,put the panchphodan spices 2tsps, put 6-7 chopped green chillies,1tsp turmeric powder,salt to taste. Add 1cup water & cook till tender. Mash a little , serve hot with Moong split Dal & Plain Rice as I have served.

For Moong split Dal 

Take half cup Dal ,put in pressure cooker,add two chopped tomatoes,salt to taste & 1tsp turmeric powder. Take 2 whistles of the cooker. Now for the tempering,take 1tsp ghee in a pan ,put 1tsp jira , heeng & red chilli powder. Add this tempering to the boiled Dal. Your Dal is ready. 

Enjoy the combo of Dal, Panchphodan Kaddu with plain steamed rice.

Now the Dal

Lovely combo




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