Tawa Aloo Sandwich

Mostly toasted sandwiches are either made by the help of sandwich toaster. But I have made these sandwiches by toasting them on griddle or tawa. You can also make them as they are very easy to prepare.

See the making of Tawa sandwich 

Here goes the recipe.

A very simple & easy recipe. 

This is all we need 

4medium sized boiled potatoes 

1cup boiled peas 

2chopped tomatoes 

1tsp each red chilli powder, turmeric powder, amchur powder 

Salt to taste 

1tsp jira 

3tbsp oil 

Cut the boiled potatoes lengthwise. Take oil in pan,put jira& spices ,fry a little then add the çhopped tomatoes ,fry it well . Then add potatoes & peas. Mix well.

Now take 2slices of bread. Place the tawa on the gas. Let it be little hot, place 1slice of bread,then the filling,again 1more slice of bread on it. Add little oil on it. Then toast it on both the sides.Cut ,& serve hot.




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