Gajar Halwa with Jaggery

I share Gajar ka Halwa made form jaggery. I have used light yellow jaggery for sweet instead of sugar

For the Halwa.

Take 2.5 kg carrots. Grate it with the help of grater in food processor. Now put these  carrots in a handi add 2lts of Amul Gold Milk & keep on stirring well.

Stir well till the carrots are tender & the consistency thickens.

Now take 2cups of grated jaggery in a pan add 1cup water & dissolve it well by cooking in low flame seperately  when it is cooked add with the carrots cooked.Put 5 tbsp of pure homemade ghee& keep on stirring well.You will see that the halwa will change its colour. Add raisins as 10 chopped almonds,10chopped cashewnuts &20 kismis .Mix well , Decorate with almonds & serve hot .

This can be enjoyed by everyone,as it has a lovely aroma & taste of jaggery.





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