Tindori Sookha

Tindori or Tendli as it is normally called is a vegetable made as a side dish we relish with Dal, Chawal.I normally prefer eating with this combo only.

Let’s have a look

250 gms tindori cut in rounds

1tsp each red chilli powder, turmeric powder, dhania powder & amchur powder.

Salt to taste 

2tsps oil 

Take oil in a pan ,put 1tsp jira,& Heeng, add the tindori & the spices. Cook till tender & serve with Dal, Chawal 

For Masur split Dal 

Take half cup Dal ,put in pressure cooker,add two chopped tomatoes,salt to taste & 1tsp turmeric powder. Take 2 whistles of the cooker. Now for the tempering,take 1tsp ghee in a pan ,put 1tsp jira , heeng & red chilli powder. Add this tempering to the boiled Dal. Your Dal is ready. 

Prepare steamed rice to enjoy the combo.

Love it 




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