Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani…As by its name is Dal with makhkhan ,that makes Dal Makhani. A very popular dish in Punjabi Cuisine is Dal Makhani,made from sabut Urad Dal & Rajma.

Look at the recipe

1cup Urad sabut Dal&1cup Rajma soaked overnight 

Ginger & Garlic grated about 3 tsp

3-4 green chillies chopped

1tsp red chilli powder 

1tsp turmeric powder 

1tsp heeng

Salt to taste 

3tbsp oil or ghee for tempering 

3cups water

3tomatoes pureed


Put the soaked Dal with turmeric powder,salt & Heeng along with water in the cooker. Take about 8-9 whistles of cooker ,place it on the medium flame.When done open the lid & whisk the Dal well 

Now for the tempering 

Take oil or ghee in a pan ,add jira & grated ginger Garlic , chopped green chillies,fry a little add red chilli powder & pureed tomatoes fry them well mix with the Dal . Now boil the Dal well , serve hot with butter or without butter as you wish.





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