Missi Paratha with curd

Missi Paratha is normally made from whole wheat flour mixed with besan, chopped onion& spices. But I have made missi Paratha by kneading the dough with leftover Dal Makhani. I prepared Chur Chur Paratha served with butter & tempered curd.

Method & ingredients

1cup whole wheat flour

1cup leftover Dal Makhani

Salt to taste 

1tsp red chilli powder

Mix all the ingredients in the flour & knead into soft dough with leftover Dal. Prepare lachcha Paratha& serve it Chur Chur with tempered curd.

For tempered curd

Take 1cup whisked curd,add 1chopped onion,& 1chopped tomato. Add salt to taste. Take 1tsp oil in a pan add 1tsp,jira,Heeng & red chilli powder,put this tempering to the curd , mix well your tempered curd is ready .





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