My simple plate

Loving my simple & soulful plate. I prefer eating simple food , that’s enjoyed by my family too.

Dal Tadka

Karare Aloo

Plain Rice

Saunf mirchi


Mooli Gajar Salad

Here is the recipe for my simple plate.

Dal Tadka

Take 1cup tuar Dal boil well with 1tsp turmeric powder, salt to taste & 2cups of water. Take 4 whistles in a pressure cooker.,Open lid when done. Take 2tsp ghee in a pan , add1tsp each,jira,Heeng& red chilli powder,put this tempering to the boiled Dal,your Dal Tadka is ready.

Prepare 1cup plain steamed rice.

Prepare saunf mirchi by chopping 7-8 green chillies. Take 2 tsp oil in pan add 2tsps fennel seeds,salt ,& amchur to taste. Cook till tender.Your Saunf mirchi is ready.

Karare Aloo

Take 3-4 parboiled potatoes. Cut them lengthwise & deep fry them till golden brown. Keep aside. Take 2tsp oil in pan , add1tsp jira 1tsp heeng& red chilli powder along with amchur powder. Toss well ,& fry more till crisp. Your karare Aloo are ready.

Prepare plain chapati & enjoy this beautiful plate presentation.

Wow lovely




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