Baigan Aloo

Today my dish is Baigan Aloo. Baigan means Be + gun, bina gun ka. As this vegetable has really no qualities, but still we enjoy it by preparing,Aloo Baigan, Bharta etc. I have prepared Aloo Baigan. 

Here goes the recipe

250 gms  Baigan/ brinjal cut lengthwise

2-3 potatoes cut lengthwise

1tsp each turmeric powder, red chilli powder, salt to taste, amchur powder, dhania powder

2tsp mustard oil

1tsp jira & Heeng


Take out in pan ,put jira & Heeng. Add the potatoes, brinjals,toss a little. Now add all the spices & cook till tender. Serve hot with Chapatis or Dal Chawal. You will really relish this dish.

I just love it

You too enjoy




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