Chapati Sandwich

A remarkable & awesome dish.

This is an innovative dish I prepared today. Very tasty & fulfilling.It is very easy to prepare also.

You need

4 Chapatis

3cucumber  sliced thinly

2onions cut in rounds

2green capsicums sliced

6cubes of cheese grated

3potatoes boiled & sliced

4tbsp green Chutney

3tsp oil for shallow fry.

Now take 1chapati apply green chutney,put the sliced potato, sprinkle little salt & black pepper&sprinkle little grated cheese

Green Chutney is to be applied on all Chapatis.

Next take the chapati with Chutney place the sliced cucumber & green capsicums,again sprinkle salt , black pepper,& grated cheese.

Now next chapati with Chutney spread onions & grated cheese.

Last Chapati to be placed on top.Oress it with the Hana & cover it with glass lid & then shallow fry the whole decker Chapatis till golden brown. Serve hot & enjoy.

Do relish it




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