Methi Theplas &Jhol Kadhi

Methi Theplas are very famous in Gujrati cuisine,you can relsih them with curd,jhol kadhi  or enjoy it like that also. As they are thin flat Chapatis made from atta& fresh Methi leaves & spices too.

First have a look at the recipe of Jhol kadhi

You need

1cup curd

3tbsp besan

1tsp turmeric powder

Salt to taste

1tsp jira

1tsp rye& Heeng

1tsp red chilli powder

Mix the besan well in curd without forming lumps,add salt & turmeric powder. Put the pan on the flame & keep on stirring it well.When done remove from flame.This is the kadhi. Now for the tempering,take 2tsp oil in a pan ,put jira ,rye ,Heeng,& red chilli powder, immediately add it to the kadhi. Your Jhol kadhi is ready.

Now for Methi Theplas

You need

2cups atta

Salt to taste

1bundle of Methi , all leaves chopped

Salt to taste

1tsp red chilli powder

Now mix all the ingredients & form a soft dough. Make small balls from the dough & roll out thin Chapatis.Shallow fry them till golden brown. Your Methi Theplas are ready, enjoy.





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