Mongolian Fried Rice

A lovely dish made from rice & noodles with a Chinese taste is liked & relished by all. Everyone loves Chinese food. You shall definitely love this recipe.

Have  a look

Here we go 

2cups of boiled basmati rice

1cup noodles boiled

7-8 French beans slited lengthwise

3carrots cut in julliens

1green capsicum in julliens

1/2cabbage in julliens

4-5 florets of cauliflower

3-5 green chillies slited

2tsps soya sauce

2 pieces of çhopped garlic

1onion chopped

Salt & black pepper to taste

1 tbsp oil

1tsp white vinegar


First take oil in pan.Add the garlic first,then  onions with all vegetables & saute a bit. Let it cook a little then add the boiled rice & noodles along with the sauce & spices. Toss well. Mix well with the vegetables & serve hot.

Please note….Cook this dish just 10 minutes before you are eating your food. Enjoy the crunchiness of the veggies. I just love it.

Love it




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