Apple Crumble

Today I share a beautiful & lovely sweet dish that is definitely enjoyed by me & I am very sure shall be loved by all of you also. This dish has apples & caramels ,so this dish is called as Apple Caramel.

Just have a look, you need

1medium sized apple peeled & çhopped,mix 1 lemon juice, little bit of black pepper & little cinnamon powder.

2 tbsp butter

5 tsp sugar

4tsp whole wheat flour

3tsp cinnamon powder


First place the çhopped apples in a baking dish. Now mix rest of the ingredients & sprinkle on top of the çhopped apple, then place this dish in the preheated oven on 150 degrees for 5 minutes. Then mixture sprinkled on the apples shall get caramelised. Serve hot & enjoy.

Loving it




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