Braids are made from all purpose flour,shaped as braids & filling of noodles or mixed vegetables. Therefore I have prepared with both the fillings. Just look at the recipe & just relish the taste.

Here we go for the recipe

For noodles filling

Boil half packet of noodles. Now take 1tsp oil in a pan add 1 çhopped onions,saute well,then add 2green capsicums cut in julliens, 1carrot cut in julliens mix well & then add 1tsp soya sauce, 1tsp white vinegar, 2tsps red chilli sauce & toss well,add the boiled noodles ,mix well. Your noodles filling is ready.

For mix vegetables filling.

Dice 2 potatoes,3florets of cauliflower,1cup boiled green peas, Now take 2 tsp oil in a pan put 1tsp jira,add all the vegetables,put 1 tsp red chilli powder, turmeric powder & amchoor powder,salt to taste.mix well &  put off the gas when vegetables are done. Your filling is ready.

Preparation time – 35 minutes

Serves – 4


3 cups maida

3 tbsp oil for moin

Salt to taste


* First knead the flour  with moin, salt. Keep it aside for overnight.

* Now take oil in pan & prepare the filling.

*  Roll the kneaded dough, fill in the filling in between,make cuts on both the sides of the rolled chapati & criss cross join the strips like a braid.Fill both the fillings alternatively,  then bake it in preheated oven at 150 degrees. Then bake them at 180 degrees for half an hour.

Your Braid is ready to be served with Tomato sauce or Green Chutney as preferred. 

Enjoy as I did with my family.




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