Rava Matthi& Kasuri Methi Aloo

A very common delicacy of U.P.is Rava Matthi with Kasuri Methi Aloo. Today I share this recipe  to my mom who used to just love this dish of mine. Today being her death anniversary I dedicate this to her. Bless me mom& my family.

Here we go

Preparation time –30 minutes
For Rava Matthi 

Take 1 cup whole purpose flour &1 cup rava or suji.Add 1 tsp ajwain seeds & salt .mix well & knead a soft dough. Now make small balls and roll them out in Puris. Now pierce them both sides of the Puri., Deep fry them till golden brown in medium flame. When done allow them to cool.See these are Rava Matthi.
Aloo methi rassa
Take 3- 4 medium sized boiled aloo. Now take 2tbsp oil in pan add jira & heeng. Add 1tsp each red chilli powder, turmeric powder,amchoor powder,salt to taste. Put 3cups water & sprinkle kasuri methi, boil it well and serve with hot Matthi.





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