This Thali of mine is soulful & simple.




Masala Bhindi

The recipe as follows.


We enjoy having this delicacy


Take 2cups atta,. Knead a dough & prepare Puris.


Preparation time –30 minutes


Ingredients & Method 

1/2 kg curd whisked well along with 2tsp besan. Cook well with 3cuos water ,salt to taste,1/4 tsp turmeric powder.

Now for dumplings take 1cup besan, add salt,red Chilli powder & little water. Beat very well add a pinch of baking powder. Take oil in pan & make small dumplings or pakoras. Keep aside.

For tempering of kadhi take 1tbsp oil put 1tsp jira, 1tsphing & 1tsp red chilli powder. Add this & pakoras to the kadhi. Bring to a boil .

Your Kadhi is ready . 

Rice kheer

Preparation time – 3-4 hours | Serves– 4


2 ltr milk- full cream

1 cup basmati rice

1.5 cup sugar

4 green cardmom crushed

5 almonds juliens

6. Cashewnuts cut in halves

10 – 11 kismis/ raisins

250 gms paneer grated

4 – 5 strands of kesar dissolved in milk


Take milk in pan and add rice in it

Keep on stirring and let the rice cook in milk only.

When the consistency of kheer thickens add paneer, sugar to it & boil well.* Your kheer is ready now add the almonds,cashewnuts raisins, and at last add the kesar your kheer is ready to be served.

You can either serve kheer hot or chilled as you wish & enjoy.

Masala Bhindi

Take half kg bhindi & chop in big pieces. Cut 2 onions in juliens. Take 2 tsp mustard oil in pan ,add 1 tsp jira ,diced bhindi & 1tsp each red chilli powder, turmeric powder,salt to taste. Mix well & cook till tender. Add 1tsp each coriander powder, amchur powder.mix well & serve hot.


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