Brinjal Moussaka

This is a lovely & fantastic dish made from brinjal,paneer & white sauce.This dish has awesome taste of white sauce too.
Just havea look

1 medium sized brinjal cut in halves & deep fried till golden brown.

200 gms paneer

3tomatoes pureed

2onions chopped

Salt & red chilli powder to taste

Prepare white sauce with 3 tbsp milk, 1cheese cube grated,& salt , black pepper to taste.


First put 2tsp oil in a pan,add the onions,saute a bit,now add the tomatoes puree,paneer,salt,red chilli powder & cook well.

Now take a baking dish.First place the first brinjal,then the tomato puree with paneer, again brinjal & then pour the white sauce on top of it. Bake it in preheated oven @150 degree for 10 minutes.

Serve hot & enjoy.

Love it




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