My vrat bhog

Today bhog thali has kuttu ki pakodi, arbi Rassa, Aam ki meethi chutney& Aam ka instant achaar.Jai Mata Di.

For kuttu pakodi

Grate 3 potatoes,add them in 1cup kuttu atta,add sendha Salt to taste,red chilli powder, mix well ,prepare a batter & make pakodi accordingly.

For Arbi Rassa

1/2 kg arbi boiled & peeled & diced

2whole red chillies

1tsp ajwain seeds

1tsp heeng

Salt to taste

1tsp rajgira ka atta dissolved in 1cup water 

2tsp oil


First take oil in a pan put ajwain, Heeng & red whole chillies,add the diced arbi, spices,mix well add the kuttu ka atta dissolved in water,Allow it to cook. Keep the consistency of the  gravy accordingly.

For instant achaar

Dice 1 green mango into small pieces. Temper with 1tsp rye,red chilli powder, sendha Salt to taste. Mix well.  Your achaar is ready.

For mango chutney

Cut mango into big pieces. Take oil in pan ,add 1tsp heeng & jira, add the cut mangoes, sendha salt to taste. Add little water ,cook well & add 2 tsp grated gurd. Cook till it changes the colour. Your meethi chutney is ready.

Your bhog thali is ready .JAi Mata Di.


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