Falahari Bhojan

Falahari bhojan

Buckwheat Khichdi

Aloo sookha

Instant achaar

All these are to be enjoyed during fast. As we all know that sendha Salt is used during fast.

Happy fasting

Buck wheat Khichdi

Buck wheat or kuttu ke chawal are also eaten during fast.You can just see the recipe

1cup buckwheat

1cup water

1/2 inch ginger grated

Sendha salt to taste

1tsp red chilli powder

2-3 green chillies chopped


Take 1tsp ghee in cooker. Add all the ingredients & take 1whistle. Put off the flame & serve hot.

Sookha Aloo

Just see

4-5 boiled potatoes cut in big pieces

2tsps each Urad Dal,& chana Dal

Few curry leaves

1tsp red chilli powder

1tsp rye

Salt to taste

2tsps oil


Take oil in pan add rye, with all spices ,dals, potatoes & salt,toss well & serve hot 

Instant achaar

Cut 3-4 raw mangoes into small pieces. Temper it with taking 2tsp oil in a pan put 1tsp rye & red chilli powder & salt to taste. Mix well Your instant achaar is ready.

Enjoy this satvik Bhojan




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