Tri Coloured Layered Biryani

Tri Coloured Layered Biryani is an awesome  Biryani to be relished by vegetarians. Of Course it is made by rice with layers of vegetables, coloured rice & caramalised onions.

Just have a look

All you  will need

2cups of basmati rice

2tomatoes pureed cubes

1tsp red chilli powder

Salt to taste

2potatoes diced

1green capsicum diced

1stick cinnamon

2bay leaves

3-4 cloves

2tsp oil

3onions cut in jullien & caramalised to golden brown.


First boil the rice with whole spices & salt. When done drain the water & keep aside.

For yellow rice

Take 3 tbsp boiled rice ,mix 2tsp milk with 1/2 tsp turmeric powder. Mix the rice well. This is your yellow rice.

For the red rice

Grind 1/4 beetroot to thin paste ,mix it with the 3tbsp boiled rice. These are your red coloured rice.

Now keep the white rice desperate.

Now take 2tsp oil in pan, add the tomato puree cubes & the vegetables,add the red chilli powder,salt to taste. When done close the flame.

Note- Donot overcook the rice

Mix the 3 coloured rice all together.

Now take a deep pan, first place 1 cup white boiled rice,then cooked vegetables, sprinkle some caramalised onions, then the coloured rice,again onions, then the white rice & the rest remaining caramalised onions. So these layers will be formed. Serve hot with whisked curd along with tempering of 1 tsp jira & heeng with salt to taste. Enjoy & have fun.

Mixed coloured rice

Loving it.




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