As I am an ardent lover of South Indian food, so I prepared Uttapam from ready to mix MTR product of Uttapam. It really came out well & I enjoyed a lot.

All you need

1pkt of 500 gms MTR Uttapam mix

50 gms curd

2onions chopped

1tomato chopped

2-3 green chillies chopped

Few green coriander leaves chopped

Oil for preparing Uttapam


Mix the MTR with the curd & water to form a batter,stir it well or else lumps will be formed. Keep aside for 20 minutes,then prepare Uttapam by spreading the batter on a non stick pan.Put little oil & sprinkle some onions, tomatoes,green chillies & green coriander. Cook on both sides & serve hot with ketchup or chutney as you wish,I love it with instant Mango Achaar.Just see the beauty. I love it.Just see,What a beauty!!!!!

Lovely brunch of Uttapam & Mango Shake.





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