Cheesy Pizza

Lovely pizza made at home ,just got the pizza base from the market ,rest prepared at home itself. 
All you need

2pizza base

 Amul  Mozrella cheese grated

100 gms American corn boiled

Few chilli flakes

Few oregano herbs

100 gms fresh basil leaves chopped

Salt to taste

3tomatoes pureed

Red chilli powder to taste

3tbsp cheese spread

2tsp butter

2 onions chopped

1yellow bell pepper chopped


First put butter in pan,put the chopped onions & saute them ,now add the tomato puree,boiled corn,all spices herbs, yellow bell pepper,salt to taste& the chopped basil leaves.Prepare a good sauce. Now take the pizza base first spreadthe cheese spread, then tomato base,then cover it with grated Mozrella cheese & bake it in preheated oven @150 degrees for 10 minutes.

When the crust turns brown serve hot & enjoy.

Love it & enjoy




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