Dahi Ghujia

Dahiwadas are normally made by making urad Dal WADA’s which are called as Dahibhalle in the Northern part of India.

These were my mom’s favourite, therefore I dedicate this dish of mine to her,who shall be happy & bless me from heaven.

Dahiwadas made in Ghujia style with a filling of kismis,grated ginger & chopped green chillies, dipped in whisked curd are Dahi Ghujia.They are easy to make just see the recipe

We will need

1cup white urad Dal soaked overnight & grinded into paste,using less water.

2 green chillies chopped

1inch ginger grated

3cups curd whisked well

Salt & red chilli powder to taste

2tsp bhuna jira powder

9-10 kismis

1/2 cup imli chutney… Optional

Oil for frying 


Whisk the curd well & add salt to it. Now take a wet cloth or handkerchief place it on  a bowl, put 2tsp grinded Dal,putginger, green chillies & kismis in it. Slowly fold it & drop it in the hot oil, Fry well till golden brown. Prepare rest of the ghujias like this, placing them in water & squeeze out well . Put them in the serving tray, add the whisked curd, decorate it with red chilli powder & jira powder.

You can add drops of imli chutney,as it is optional. Put them in fridge,allow them to cool & serve Dahi Ghujia. 

Enjoy cool cool Ghujia Dahiwadas




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