Palak Paneer&Aloo Paneer Kulcha

An awesome combo of Palak Paneer &Aloo Paneer Kulcha I tried today . It really came out well.Lets have a look
Palak Paneer

2bunches of palak blanched & grinded into paste 

2 tomatoes puree

2tsp ginger garlic paste 

1tsp each Red chilli powder 

Salt to taste 

250 gms paneer cut in cubes

3tsp oil


Take oil in pan ,add oil & tomato puree, fry it well add all spices & cook well.mix the palak paste. Cook well then add the Paneer cubes & boil well , add  a pinch of garam Masala & serve hot with Aloo Paneer Kulcha.

For Aloo Paneer Kulcha

For stuffing

2boiled potatoes mashed

100 gms Paneer

3-4 green chillies chopped

3-4 leaves of green coriander chopped.

Mix all the ingredients,your stuffing is ready.

For Kulcha

Knead a soft Dough of 2 cups maida & half cup atta,add salt to taste,oil. Now fill the filling & roll out in shape of Kulcha,roast them in gas tandoor , sprinkle some onion seeds ,& top with butter , serve hot with Palak Paneer & enjoy.





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