Summer Cool Dessert

Summer Cool Dessert.
I share a scrumptious summer  dessert to be enjoyed by all in summers, having this cool dessert

Now I share a wonderful dessert with all.  Just relax & enjoy as it is to be loved & relished, a great treat to the eyes. Just have a look at the recipe .

Take 2 tsp of Vanilla custard powder in a bowl & dissolve it well. Take 2cups milk with 3tsp sugar in it. Boil the milk & mix the dissolved Custard powder. Keep stirring , it will become thick , put off the flame.Allow it to cool.

Now for the jelly 
According to the instructions given on the packet,I took 3 tea cups water in a pan. Then mixed the ingredients well & added it to the boiling water. Stirred it for sometime then accordingly poured it in the glasses& bowl.It sets in 20-30 minutes. Refrigerate it & serve with custard mixed with fruits.

Whereas I have used

1 banana chopped
1mongini fruity cake

1kiwi sliced

First place slicef banana ,then crushed cake,then custard & then jelly in a glass. Decorate with slices of kiwi & serve chilled & enjoy.

Have fun




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